Lansing Update: Fighting Like Heaven Against Proposal 3

In this update:

The Word from Lansing: What Abortion Proposal Supporters Won’t Tell You

Michigan Catholic Conference (MCC) published its latest edition of The Word from Lansing this week to debunk the notion that Proposal 3 would merely keep abortion legal or only reinstate Roe v. Wade, when in fact the dangerous proposal goes further beyond that.

The following column ran in Detroit Catholic this week. For a copy of the column that can be downloaded and shared, click or tap here. Here is the full text of the column:

At this point in the election cycle, Michigan voters may know an abortion proposal will be on the November ballot.

Voters may also believe this proposal would reinstate Roe v. Wade. But that claim is false.

The proposal has been framed as just ensuring abortion is legal like it was before Roe was struck down. It was portrayed in a recent poll question as merely establishing abortion as a right in the constitution.

But for voters to make an informed decision on the proposal, they need to know that it is NOT simply making sure abortion is legal in a post-Roe Michigan. The proposal goes much further than that: It allows abortion for any woman or girl at any point in the pregnancy for any reason — and then some.

It starts in the first sentence of the language, where it says, “every individual has a fundamental right to reproductive freedom.” Because it says individual, and not adult, the reproductive rights afforded in this amendment would be applied to children.

What kind of reproductive rights would also apply to children? Children would have a constitutional right to seek sterilization and contraception. Those terms are listed right in the language.

If the amendment was only about restoring the abortion rights of Roe, why did the proposal authors include sterilization and contraceptives? And why are children included in these rights?

Further, the proposal summary text explaining what it does says it will “invalidate state laws conflicting with this amendment.” Neither the amendment nor the summary text, however, details what state laws will be invalidated.

Legal experts believe dozens of laws could be invalidated, including the parental consent requirement for children seeking an abortion, because children would have a right to an abortion under the amendment.

Other laws that would fall include those that ban late-term and third trimester abortions. Under the provisions of the amendment, an abortion could be permitted at any stage of pregnancy for almost any reason.

Laws that regulate the quality and safety of abortion facilities would be gone under the amendment, as would the requirement that only physicians perform abortions.

Taxpayers would be forced to pay for abortions, as the amendment language says the state cannot discriminate in enforcing reproductive rights. If tax dollars can pay for other medical procedures, why would tax dollars for abortions be banned under this amendment?

That is not how things were even when Roe was in effect. Based on those examples alone, the proposal is not simply about ensuring legal access to abortion.

Unfortunately, advocates for this amendment will say it is only about making sure abortion is legal and accessible, yet the language they crafted for the constitution goes far beyond that notion.

If more people know that, they might be more reluctant to support such a dangerous and extreme proposal.

Read the 300-plus words of the amendment or the 100-word summary and decide yourself whether this proposal is just about making sure abortion is available, or if it is dangerous for women and children, extreme in taking away parental rights, and wrong for Michigan. And remember to vote no on Proposal 3 in November.

Ads: Proposal Ends Parental Consent Requirement; Ban on Partial-Birth Abortion

The campaign to defeat Proposal 3 is airing its next round of television and digital ads that focus on the common sense regulations the amendment would cancel out if it were approved by voters this November.

The 30-second ad notes the proposal would remove laws requiring parental consent for teenage abortions, laws banning late-term abortions, laws setting health and safety standards for abortion clinics, and the law stipulating that only doctors perform abortions.

“This opens a whole can of worms,” a woman in the ad said.

Ads like these are crucial for educating the entire Michigan voting population about what’s in Proposal 3. To make sure these ads can stay up on the air, visit the campaign website to donate now.

‘Fight Like Heaven’ and Join Campaign to Pray & Fast for Defeat of Proposal 3

Catholics know the battle to defeat Proposal 3 must also be waged on the spiritual front.

That’s why the faithful across the state are invited to join a 54-day Rosary Novena that will cover the entire campaign season leading up to Election Day on November 8 to pray for the defeat of Proposal 3.

The novena began this past Thursday, but sign-ups are still welcome. To do so, text the phrase “FightLikeHeaven” to 84576 to receive text alerts and daily prompts.

The prayer campaign was initiated by Bishop Boyea of the Diocese of Lansing, but the invitation to pray and fast is extended to every Michigander and beyond. For more information, click or tap here.

MCC Releases Statewide Action Plan Dedicated to Defeating Proposal 3

This week, MCC made available a packet of materials aimed at helping Catholics educate themselves and their families and friends about why they should vote no on Proposal 3.

The materials are being disseminated to each diocesan office, which in turn is sending them to parishes. For more information and to learn about your parish’s education plan, reach out to your pastor or parish leadership team.